Commercial Property Development & Financing


Commercial Property Development & Financing

  • Course level: Intermediate


Successful commercial real estate developers are master coordinators, working with multiple counterparts every step of the way to create and maximize value through real estate projects. To do this, they use a thoughtful, organized process—regardless of project size.

This course offers an introductory into the crucial early stages of that process. Using presentations and case studies, you will learn how to align your development vision—and subsequent decisions—with industry cycles, market and site characteristics, and projected financial feasibility.

This course is aimed primarily at CEOs with little or limited development knowledge but who are incubating projects in Retail, Offices, Industrial Real Estate and Hospitality

Programme Overview
  • An online training covering the basic financial knowledge for various stakeholders.
  • Consists of lectures, hands-on group exercises and case studies.

At the end of the programme participants would be able to:

  • Align your project development strategy and decision making with commercial real estate cycles, financing and market realities
  • Determine the financial feasibility of your project by analyzing potential revenues, expenses, and financing costs
Who Can Participate?

Real Estate developer involved in developing projects and wishing to gain a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of commercial real estate developments and how development life cycle impacts on the decisions they make

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Topics for this course

32 Lessons

Introduction To Commercial Real Estate Project Development

1. Course Introduction
2. Motivations and Overview of Commercial Real Estate Projects
3. Real Estate Development Lifecycle
4. CRE Risk Mitigation Strategies
5. Practical Exercise (A) Contractual Real Estate Flow Charts
6. Understanding Contracted Revenue RE Model

Early Development Stage

Pre-Financing Stage

Financing Stage

Post-Financing Stage (From Construction to Close-out)

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