Our Brand

What we stand for at Brickstone Africa

Our Brand Origin
Bongos are the largest and most spectacular of the African forest antelopes. The main population is in West Africa, however,  much smaller and critically endangered subspecies reside in the mountain forests of Kenya.
Bongos are well equipped for a life in the forest – impressive, long, spiralling horns can be used to break branches and a long flexible tongue can grasp leaves with ease.
We use the characteristics of the Bongo i.e “Boldness” and “Preparedness” as core principles of our professional service organisation. We do this for delivering quality services to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.
Moreso, we take pride in being creative, innovative and ever-evolving; just like Bongo in the forest with all tools for preparation. We strive to bear the name AFRICA’s INFRASTRUCTURE CATALYST! We are the substance (People, Process and Passion) that enables a chemical reaction (Africa’s Infrastructure Development) to proceed at a usually faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible.

Our Mission

Our aim is to be the Africa’s most admired and successful benchmark in executing capabilities for real estate, infrastructure and energy project. We are driven by our passion, curiosity and desire to understand and anticipate our customers’ changing needs

Our Approach

Creativity:Each opportunity is different, each client is unique. We examine each challenge from all angles, offering tailored, creative solutions every time.

Passion: We know that success, for us and our customers, doesn’t happen without hard work, energy and determination. But to achieve unexpected results beyond our initial goals. That requires passion.

Collaboration: Our people are the building blocks of our success. Our worldwide network of resources which enable us to combine diverse talents, backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives to move towards a single,unified goal 

Our Business Model

Our business model spans everything from that occurs in developing the built environment.Every stage of the project development value chain offers opportunities for us to create value through both the successful execution of activities that are our core sectors and through the application of our own distinctive strengths and capabilities in performing those activities