Asset Appraisal and Review

Logistics Asset Appraisal in Lagos
Asset Appraisal and Review B2MASTER 12:25 am

Project Info

Client Transport Services Limited (TSL)
Skills Asset Appraisal and Review | 2018

Project Description

Logistics Asset Appraisal: Project Description

TSL Logistics Limited is the largest independent petroleum infrastructure O&M (Operations & Management) Company in Africa with expertise in the areas of terminal infrastructure development, terminal and pipeline management as well as the inventory management of petroleum product.

TSL now owns over 750 trucks supporting distribution of oil & gas, FMCG and construction materials across Nigeria.

Logistics Asset Appraisal: Actions Taken

Brickstone was contracted to:

  • Collection and desktop analysis of the Nigeria haulage and logistics Industry.
  • Analyse TSL audited account records and make a 5-year financial projection.
  • Recommend appropriate transaction modalities and structuring and executing fund raising for the project.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Financial Model to communicate the financial viability of the project to investors.
  • Develop an Information Memorandum and Business Plan that would communicate succinctly the value proposition of the project to investors.

Services includes the following:

  • Nigeria Haulage and Logistics Market Analysis
  • Due Diligence on past account records
  • Financial Modelling