Development Management

Development Management is specialist service where we advise, lead and manage all aspects of development, from inception, acquisition and design, through planning, financing and fund raising, commercial issues, and implementation.

We do this by devising innovative project life management solutions that enable clients to save cost and enhance opportunities or support growing development.

Our services is provided along the following areas.
Urban Renewal

In planning and asset delivery we incorporate detailed ingredients for commercial success to achieve construction delivery. These include detailed cost planning and revenue forecasting, anticipating and incorporating reasonable risks and market requirements.

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Development Management_Brickstone

Infrastructure Construction projects are complex enough without added stress from cost management issues. At Brickstone, our cost consultants do everything possible to keep projects on-track and within budget.

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Brickstone_Development Management

Typically Asset managers focus on the longer-term, strategic big vision of maximizing the value of the assets and realizing the highest return on investment (ROI) for the owner/investors. We take responsibility as the owner’s representative in order to maximize the Asset’s financial performance

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Our Approach in Development Management

Development Management Service encompasses all commercial aspects of Large Scale Project Finance based developments and then extends to co-ordination of project management of detailed design and pre-construction activities. It proceeds on the foundation of the Assets Transaction and Legal documentation

The strength and uniqueness of Brickstone is our flexibility with role and scope of responsibility, as well as our lean attitude toward project pre-development operations. Both of these attributes provide our clients with advantages that we believe add considerable value to the overall project.
Our activities covers Development Planning: This involves advancing a concept design to a preliminary design for a Large Scale Project by incorporating the detailed ingredients for commercial success, detailed cost planning and revenue forecasting, anticipating and incorporating reasonable and local authority, state government and market requirements.
We also ensure in Asset Delivery that our Development and Construction programming are meshed with cost and revenue forecasts, identification of risks and risk management strategies, and understanding financial sensitivities and exposures to the project life cycle.
Other Core Project Development Services provided by Brickstone Includes the following

Project Appraisal |Transaction Advisory |Development Management

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