We focus on Project Finance Sectors such as  Agri-Industrial and Heavy Manufacturing, Real Estate and HospitalityEnergy and Natural ResourcesPower and RenewableTransport Infrastructure. We provide a Research-based Project Finance Advisory, Development Management and Alternative Asset Management firm helping Sponsors of Large-Scale Asset-backed projects with the overall objective of ensuring the “bankability” and protection of the long-term asset value of these projects.
Our specialist Project Finance Team will help build tailored financial models conducting analysis thereof in conjunction with our Economic and Market Research Experts. This provides your clients with precise bankable projections calculating all the capital investment requirements, the cash flow analysis and the rate of returns for these developments in the Project Finance Sectors.
Brickstone has a wide range of experience throughout the built and natural environment industry and has a variety of clients who have formed long-term relationships with our company and project teams. One of the reasons we like to focus on Project Finance is because of the limited recourse nature. Also from the sponsor’s perspective, the advantage of project finance is that it represents a source of off-balance-sheet financing for investors. Thus it allows the shareholders to book debt off-balance sheet. This essentially means a sponsor financing a project without having to show any borrowing for the project among its own borrowings in its consolidated accounts. Too high a level of borrowing will result in a sponsor having an unfavourable gearing ratio (the ratio of (consolidated) borrowings to net worth) and make it more difficult for that sponsor to raise funds on the capital markets. See our article on project finance sources
Our proactive and customer-focused attitude ensures that we enjoy a high percentage of repeat instructions with clients who have enjoyed working on quality refurbishment, fit-out and new build projects over many years. Below is our list of sectors we are currently  focused upon