Our Business Model

Our Business Model as an Africa-focused Infrastructure Catalyst

What are catalystsA catalyst is a substance that speeds up a reaction but is chemically unchanged at the end of the reaction. As our business model, we recognize that Africa presents unique opportunities and challenges which demand a distinctive Catalyst to speed up the rate of infrastructure concept, financing and implementation. Our mission is to protect and promote the interests of Africa in making sure Infrastructure happens in Three (3) basic steps: Appraise > Advise > Accelerate

We Appraise

Our business model starts by using state-of-the-art appraisal tools to assess market demand and to perform detailed evaluations of the economic and financial feasibility of proposed investments. Our Research objective is to protect and promote the interests of making Infrastructure happen in Africa. Once we have concluded the Appraisal we would have been able to achieve a cost feasibility and market entry to be to position the Infrastructure project for Transaction Advisory Services

We Advise

Our transaction advisory services are embedded in our project finance and industry expertise, our commitment to excellence, our creativity, and our ability to deliver results. We then assist clients to optimize their capital structure and ensure sufficient liquidity to allow business units to operate freely. We do this by devising innovative structured financing solutions that enable clients to capture new investment and business opportunities or support growing operational needs. Once Financial Close is achieved we move on to executing phase of the project which entails managing the development based on the cost and financial objectives

We Accelerate

The next is Development Acceleration  Service encompasses all commercial aspects of Large Scale Project Finance based developments and then extends to the coordination of project management of detailed design and pre-construction activities. We also ensure the Debt & Equity Financing Programme have meshed with cost and revenue forecasts, identification of risks and mitigation strategies, and understanding the exposures to the project life cycle.