Project Appraisal

Project Appraisal means we appraise the existing documentation of the project sponsor and we have an objective to improve bankability from an early stage of project development

Our Approach in Project Appraisal

Potential bankability and accompanying risk/reward profile using Bankability Due-Dilligence, Early Stage Vendor Procurement, Financial Modelling and Estimation and Technical Appraisal. Project analysis, which is undertaken for a particular purpose and from a specific point of view, involves two main questions: Is the project worthwhile? Will the project work as proposed?

Our Project Appraisal Services helps establish a proposed potential bankability and accompanying risk/reward profile using Pre Development Bankability Structuring, Project Bankability Diligence, Early Stage Vendor Procurement, Financial Modelling 

All projects go through a sequence of activities: the initial identification of the project (conceptualization of project ideas); preparation of the project (project formulation and design); project appraisal and selection; and project implementation. The users of these services include project developers, equity participants, lenders, government and quasi-government organizations and high net-worth individuals.

Our Services is provided along the following areas

The Pre-Development Bankability Structuring is a bespoke service for every infrastructure project developer that needs a clear visibility of making the project bankable.

Its analyses how the project would be financed or what it would require for the project to reach financial close, as well as how it be can structured from an early stage.

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Transaction Advisory

Some so-called bankable projects don’t get financed because most sponsors just rush to develop feasibility reports or use the term bankable feasibility report..instead of fist engaging in Bankability Due-Diligence Report

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Early Stage Vendor Procurement

Our Early Stage Vendor Procurementt services is centered around assisting Project Sponsors to be source the right Infrastructure Technical and Commercial Consultants that is required to define the projects viability

Planning procurement involves a series of steps that help determine which resources an organization needs for project completion and the extent of its budget

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Infrastructure Financial Modelling is used to assess the risk-reward of lending to and investing in any commercial project. The project’s debt capacity, valuation and financial feasibility depend on expected future cash flows generated by the project itself and a financial model is built to analyze this.

We work typically work closely with Project Sponsors to Plan, Structure and Analyze project-specific financial models designed using practical, structured design rules to meet the project objectives.

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Our Project Appraisal Services is focused on the following Sectors

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Other Core Services provided by Brickstone Includes the following

Project Appraisal  |Transaction Advisory |Development Management

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