Project Appraisal

We use state-of-the-art analysis and modelling tools to assess market demand and to perform detailed evaluations of cost estimates of proposed investments and end up with a business case.

Our mission is to protect and promote the interests of making Infrastructure happen in Africa. In order to achieve its mission, Brickstone Africa undertake policy intelligence activities with a view to promote trade and investment within the built and natural infrastructure space.

Our services is provided along the following areas.
Transaction Advisory

Project Economic Research looks at the policy. micro and marco-economic conditions.Market Research is to determine the industry structure,size and viability of the project been embarked upon.

We also undertake advocacy activities with a view to promote trade and investment within the built and natural infrastructure environment.

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Estimation and Costs

Cost Research services to consultants including project promoters, sponsors and other project consultants.

We provide the best possible services resulting in a finished project that is completed both on time and within budget and which exceeds the client’s requirements

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Projects will only deliver their intended outputs
and benefits if they are properly scoped, planned and cost justified from the outset.

Preparing a Project Business Case provides decision makers and stakeholders with a proven framework for structured ‘thinking’ and assurance that the project:

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Our Approach in Project Appraisal 

Project Appraisal demonstrates our competence in Infrastructure research to private institutions, policymakers and public institutions.

Brickstone provides comprehensive project appraisal studies and detailed assessments of current market conditions. Moreover we provide Intelligence on demand and economic growth patterns, Capital and operational alternatives for capacity expansion, and Identification and analysis of potential environmental and social impacts.
Brickstone collects and constantly updates company information in our core sector areas through a variety of data acquisition methodologies. Additionally, we are supported by the latest know-how in data science. More so, we turn raw data into actionable information for decision making. New data-driven insights and analytics allow for superior research on our core sectors in Nigeria and Africa
Our local research analysts covering a number of our core sectors work with executives and industry specialist work. This would help to monitor industry data from key stakeholders in the region. Furthermore, we develop Policy Intelligence tools that allow the public sector to gain instant insight into policy performances for private institutions, policymakers and public institutions.
Other Core Project Development Services provided by Brickstone Includes the following

Project Appraisal |Transaction Advisory |Development Management

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Our Project Appraisal Services is focused on the following Sectors

Our Whitepapers on Project Appraisal