Infrastructure Accelerator Programme

Brickstone  InfraLAB is an infrastructure accelerator programme that is focused on the mid market infrastructure startup projects.

We see the need for an Accelerator Programme to fill the gap in the mid-infrastructure space by helping sponsors to accelerate the projects to a bankable state where investments can be sourced adequately. Our strategy is to source mid-market opportunities within our chosen sectors, develop the building blocks of project finance frameworks to maximize value.
Brickstone Africa InfraLAB have identified key sectors of the mid-market infrastructure economy that  are considered as having important socio-economic benefits to the masses and the economy in general. They include the following


Brickstone Africa InfraLAB have crafted a “catalyst” venture fund model and accelerator program that enables founders to speed up the infrastructure development cycle, de-risk their project much further to put ther projects in a better position to raise venture funding, and implement practices that allow them to scale their processes while managing the other responsibilities they have as a founder.


Brickstone InfraLAB Acceleration Series

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