Project Bankability Due-Diligence

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Project Bankability Due-Diligence is a bespoke service tailored towards Project Sponsors, Lenders and other stakeholders.
We believe there is need always need for an assessment process that focuses on Bankability, as the project progress there is new data and information is obtained, additional analyses and evaluations are performed, and when the decision to move forward is made, the Project Bankability Due-Diligence takes place. The objective of the Project Bankability Dilligence Report is to confirm a number of Critical Issues that would aid financial close for Project Sponsors, Lenders and other stakeholders.
The report is developed to provide guidance on the following objectives to ensure bankability using the “Brickstone Bankability Framework”
Is the Project characterized by a high degree of revenues predictability under a (partial or full) Contracted Revenue Arrangement with a creditworthy counterparty 
Can the Project be delivered under a fixed construction price and schedule with a Building (or EPC) Contractor with appropriate penalties in the form of liquidated damages (LDs) for its failure to perform
Does the project Project that intend to independently operate in an environmentally sustainable manner especially during the post-construction phase

Project Bankability Report enables Project Sponsors and Lenders at a very early stage to de-risk their project to know the key tasks to achieve bankability.

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