Brickstone Dealcamp Series

The Dealcamp Series is mainly designed as an entrepreneurial finance training that is designed for entrepreneurs developing (or involved) in projects within the Energy, Infrastructure and Real Estate space but lacks the knowledge of basic limited recourse financial principles. We define these people as  “Infrapreneurs”. They are also called Project Sponsors in the Limited Resource Finance space.

  • Infraprenuers often point to project finance as the most important skill they cherish. This course helps to provide the content and depth of knowledge for Infrapreneurs to understand the heart of limited recourse financing from a point of view of their projects within the Energy, Infrastructure and Real Estate space.
  • These programmes aim to equip sponsors and investors with the tools to understand project development and financing life cycles. Our courses are designed to assist sponsors to develop an understanding of the importance of linking financial, commercial and planning issues in developing large infrastructure projects.
  • Our attendees continue to tell us how much they value the mix of learning, interaction and hearing real-life experiences from facilitators and speakers. Our training programmes are delivered through the “Brickstone Dealcamp Series”
At the end of these courses the participants would have learned and developed appropriated leadership skills, knowledge and attitudes in basic project finance and resource mobilization for their chosen projects
In the end, We also have our “Workshop Panel Discussions” that would focus on discussion of Transaction risks how to deal with them. Key risks include credit, market, interest, infrastructure, engineering, liquidity, supply, currency, political and environmental. Guest Speakers to be invited to share their knowledge

Attendees would typically have projects in the following Sector Focus

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