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The AgroInfraCo Initiative is an Agricultural Infrastructure Initiative that aims to collaborate with private sector smallholder farmers and agribusiness to solve pressing social agriculture infrastructure problems using profitable business models. The initiatives are to be developed by AgroInfraCo using private sector investments that would promise good returns to investors.

We help Socially motivated agri-entrepreneurs and organisation to gain access to finance and support their infrastructure and equipment needs, helping them grow their farms and have greater impact.

  • Our First Initiative is the development of Off-Grid Power enabled Greenhouses. The project solar energy is used to accommodate the energy requirements of the farm. Solar panels are installed to produce electrical energy and solar heat collectors generate thermal energy. Some sections of the farm are also lit with artificial lighting. A generator can be used to power this off-grid.
  • The aims to demonstrate with this project that It is possible to run a greenhouse independent of local energy suppliers, with the greenhouse climate more balanced as well as the horticulture production more environmental friendly.