Infrastructure Consultants Procurement

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Infrastructure Consultants Procurement in capital programs can be challenging and need to balance how to best manage project risk, budget and timeline while achieving long-term economic, social and environmental benefits that may be realized over several decades. Selecting the Early stage Key Consultants Vendors such as Market Feasibility, Field Research, Conceptual Design and Technical Studies can be complex

Our procurement approach is  Fit-for-Purpose and reflect VfM through the application of Brickstone Infrastructure Acceleration Core procurement principles, which are:

a) Economy: the pricing of Goods, Works, Consultant Services and/or related services expends the minimum amount of resources to obtain the agreed level of output;
b) Efficiency: the appropriate management (primarily in relation to time and cost) of a given amount of resources to obtain the agreed level of output;
c) Fairness: a process that is transparent and impartial; and
d) Effectiveness: the achievement of specific outcomes, taking into account the Beneficiary’s development objectives for the particular project.

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