Partnerships and Collaborations

Our Partnerships and Collaborations

How we Partner and Collaborate at Brickstone
Our Partnership Team is involved in Capacity Building, Regulation and Policy Strategy for the Governments and Private Sector Agencies
Our Value Add
The dynamic nature of Partnership and Collaboration in Africa presents Governments policymakers, businesses, and investors with significant opportunity to develop an enabling environment that can grow their economy.
We can assist the Public Sector across a wide range of issues facing our clients around Africa. We advise clients, both government agencies and private companies, who are making important decisions involving complex commercial arrangements with the private sector. Brickstone Partners provides policies, strategies, and regulatory options that promote competitive, efficient market environments while safeguarding the interests of private sector parties.
Our Partnerships
The African Catalyst
Dealforums | Public Private Dialogues | Interviews

The African Catalyst’s mission is to become a center of excellence for the facilitation and empowerment of African Infrapreneurs.

We aim to build the African Infraprenuers to have the ability and skill necessary engage financing community and execute infrastructure investments in the African continent. Brickstone sponsors as Co-Host and help curate events

Initiative for Private Capital Development
Founder & Convener

Initiative for Private Capital Development (I4PCD) was established as a platform to help build an indigenous based private capital community with the right skill set to drive sustainable growth within the micro business within the real sector.

Social Investing
Social Investing Initiatives

Social Investing, also referred to as “mission investing” in the philanthropic world, means placing assets into investments that provide a societal or mission-related benefit in addition to a financial return.

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