Oil Palm Agribusiness Project

Oil Palm Agribusiness
Oil Palm Agribusiness Project Brickstone Blogger 4:05 am

Project Info

Client Tesco-Elpizo Farms Limited
Skills Strategic Business Plan Development | 2012

Project Description

Oil Palm Agribusiness project development plays a key vital role in the economic growth of many developing countries including the growing industrialization and food security

Project Description

Tesco-Elpizo Limited is repositioning itself as an agribusiness project and agro-allied conglomerate focusing on three products. Project Involves  Oil Palm Cultivation & Cassava Cultivation, Inter cropping Cultivation of Cassava and Oil Palm via a Farm Co-operative of over 650 Ha of Land, secure working capital financing from the banks via FGN backed AgroFund Scheme.

Our Value Add

Assessment of project viability and design of Strategic Business Plan for the production and cultivation of Cassava.

We analysed the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that are involved in the Agribusiness business venture. We also identified the internal and external factors that are favourable or unfavourable to achieve the project. We looked at the ways to build on the positive issues and address negative issues (how will the potential risks be addressed?). We also used the 5 Ws (what, how, where, who and when) in the demand quantification and assisted in drafting the business plan.