Brickstone Growth Acceleration Programme

Brickstone has an established, highly disciplined and active principal investing approach to sourcing, structuring, monitoring and exiting from investments. We provide Appraisal , Advisory and Project Development for large scale industrial and infrastructure projects in Africa. We look for the most promising middle market infra or industrial companies (“with traction”) and then put them through our 180 day programmes based on our  the Brickstone Growth Acceleration Programme (Brickstone GrowthLAB Programme)

How the GrowthLAB works

Brickstone Growth Acceleration Programme (Brickstone GrowthLAB) identifies scope for improvements and restructuring with target private investing into project based companies makes recommendations for change and supports our investee company in implementing operational efficiencies. As Private Equity Investments Managers we work with each partner company, Brickstone GrowthLAB is involved from the pre-investment strategic, commercial and operational due diligence stages right until investment is made into the company

Post-transaction, Brickstone GrowthLAB’s professionals support the investment company in creating Value Creation 180-Day Plans. To help deploy these plans—as well as conduct key initiatives and regular portfolio reviews—Brickstone GrowthLAB has created a set of tools and techniques that can be implemented across our partner/investee companies

The core investment principles of Brickstone GrowthLAB are:

  • Fundamental Value
    We seek to identify project based companies with stable cash flows that have a contracted revenue business model
  • Pro-active Investment Approach
    We look to play an active role in all portfolio investments, and work closely with the managers of portfolio companies to add real value to the project based companies.
  • Partnership
    In all cases, Brickstone executes transactions with the full support of the company that we look to invest in.
  • Alignment of Interests
    We recognize the importance of aligning Brickstone’s interests with those of our investors. On each portfolio investment we partner with senior managers, who also invest their own capital in the business.
  • Preference for Exclusivity
    We focus on the development of transactions that are exclusive to Brickstone GrowthLAB

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