Energy & Natural Resources

Our Energy & Natural Resources practice specializes in advising companies seeking to finance the development of Energy and Natural Resources assets. We assist clients in formulating a project financial plan, provide advice and assistance in securing limited recourse project finance.

We work with works with major energy companies, natural resource developers, financial institutions, investment funds, and governments and their agencies

Our Sector focus is grouped into the following Sub-Sectors
Brickstone_Oil Value Chain
Oil Value Chain

We provide financial, commercial and strategic services for the different stages of exploration, production, storage and shipping, refining and marketing.

Brickstone_Gas Value Chain
Gas Value Chain

We provide financial, commercial and strategic advice for Natural Gas value chain from gathering, processing, transmission and storage of natural gas,

Natural Resources
Mining Value Chain

Our full-service mining and resources team advises clients both in terms of operations and outbound investment for Mining, Mineral Exploration, Processing

What we call “Energy & Natural Resources”
The Energy & Natural Resources encompasses the whole array of the extractive process of natural resources as well as the processing, transportation and trade 
Our Thoughts 
In today’s volatile energy markets, it is a fact that sources of risk and uncertainty will continue to impact market perceptions and investment decisions. This uncertainty both threatens the competitiveness of energy assets and new asset development and is also a potential source of value. Renewable and low carbon mandates are playing an increasingly significant role in power markets.The energy market in Nigeria had enjoyed concerted government efforts and visible presence in the form of policies/programmes/interventions simply stated here as government efforts along the value-chain of the industry from upstream down to retail. Some of these efforts were structural changes, regulatory reforms, capacity expansion and institutional restructuring, all aimed at increasing energy supply.
Asides Oil and Gas, Nigeria is also endowed with vast reserves of solid minerals, including, but not limited to, precious and base minerals, industrial minerals, energy minerals and metals. The country was a major exporter of tin, columbite and coal in the 1960s to early 1970s. However, activities in this sector began to nose-dive considerably by the mid-1970s due to a number of political and economic factors, especially the significant focus on crude oil production as a major source of foreign exchange for the country.
By the first half of 2016, Nigeria entered into a period of economic recession, which continued in the third quarter of the year. The recession was primarily due to dwindling Government revenues; caused by the twin problems of severely impaired local crude-oil production, and low global oil prices. As part of the economic recovery plan, the Government prioritized the diversification of the country’s revenue base as paramount, and identified agriculture and mining as the pivotal sectors.
Our Value Add
Our Energy & Natural Resources and mining services team brings together to finance and technical professionals with specialised skills, expertise and experience to advise our clients on the risks, issues and opportunities unique but a complex industry. We have worked extensively with a wide range of industry participants, including exploration companies, mine operators, mining contractors, drillers, earth-moving companies, construction companies, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM).
We assist clients in formulating a project financial plan and provide advice and assistance in securing project debt financing and strategic partners
Our Value add includes the following
  • Research & Strategic Advice – regardless of whether the project is at seed stage, growth, or construction stages of its project cycle, we advise on development model, strategy performance and optimization strategies. We are also able to advise the public sector on issues related to Policy Research and Advocacy
  • Market Feasibility & Cost Modelling – We understand the key sensitivities, issues and challenges this sector faces and the opportunities and commercial drivers that inform their decisions we partner with developers to create better business outcomes through the development of feasibility and investment model
  • Project Finance Advisory – we develop key strategies for investors to invest and act as trusted local adviser in all project finance advisory requirements in the Energy & Natural Resources sector.
  • Corporate Finance Services – we advise throughout the life cycle of the transaction including buy-side, sell-side, capital placements and post-transaction. We work with established industry operators to optimize their financing structures, and structure additional or funding arrangements for Energy & Natural Resources Sector.
  • Development Management – we advise, lead and manage all aspects of development actualization programme these include design optimization, through planning, risk management, cost programming commercial issues and development  implementation
  • Asset Management – we provide origination and structuring of investments to suit our client’s investment goals. We possess good experience in OPEX and Project Financing as well as providing operational efficiency to increase project profitability. We are also able to provide Investor Representation services to  help buy-side or sell-side investors in the sector

Capability Statement for Energy and Natural Resources

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