Integrated Poultry Farming Project

Poultry Farming
Integrated Poultry Farming Project Brickstone Blogger 12:00 am

Project Info

Client Tesco-Elpizo Farms Limited
Skills Strategic Business Plan Development | 2012

Project Description

Project Name: Poultry Farming – Tesco-Elpizo Limited

Project Description: Tesco-Elpizo Limited repositions itself as agriculture and agro-allied conglomerate. Furthermore, they are focusing on three main products, Oil Palm processing, Cassava  Processing and Poultry farming. In addition, regarding the Poultry farm, Tesco aims at establishing a Joint Venture. This will happen with one of the best poultry farmers in the world – Agro Top Limited.

The poultry farm is a 35,000 capacity farm and the designs will house 100,000 female birds as well as 2 other buildings to house pullets.

Our Value Add

Assessment of project viability and design of the Strategic Business Plan for the production of poultry and its products.