Warehouse Re-development, Apapa, Lagos

Warehouse Re-development
Warehouse Re-development, Apapa, Lagos Brickstone Blogger 2:57 pm

Project Info

Client AG Leventis Nigeria Plc
Skills Development & Financial Advisers | 2015

Project Description

Warehouse Re-development means re-using and improving the warehouse by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Warehouse Redevelopment is necessary when structures are dated or unprofitable; they are then demolished or at least substantially reconfigured to make way for the new.

Warehouse Re-development: Project Description

The objective of this study was to prepare the highest and best use analysis for the identified warehouses to determine their viability and optimal use after the warehouse re-development. AG Leventis Nigeria Plc desired that  their land at Apapa be analyzed  for optimal returns.

The property is an Auto workshop warehouse.

Our Value Add

The objective of the identified locations were the following:

  • Analysis to determine the Total Leasable Space in all the properties visited;
  • Determine the Level Of Occupancy and the total cash inflow from the tenancy of the identified properties;
  • Get information on the level of Improvement Budgeted for the Properties;
  • Determine Future Cashflow of each Properties, assuming the improvements are made or not;
  • Upon conclusion of the assessment, Brickstone identified the properties which are eroding shareholder value form the (“Identified Properties”) and group the Top 5 as the (“Target Properties”) for further analysis and assessment.