Development Planning

Off-grid PV Solar Power for Greenhouses 

Off-Grid PV Solar Power for Greenhouses

Our pre-development support consultancy service is the first step that a PV Solar developer should take in determining the feasibility of a...
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Business Plan for the Mass Housing Development Project 

Business Plan for Mass Housing Development Project

The project is geared towards taking advantage of the market opportunities as well as the shortage of quality housing.  Houses within the...
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hostel development 

Business Case for OOU Private Hostel Development

This is a Proposed student PPP hostel development designed to meet the requirements of a defined target market, comprising students who desire...
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Development management services 

Development Management Services for Apsire Seaview Estate, Lagos

Brickstone was contracted to carry out Development management services for the company which includes location analysis, site selection, feasibility studies and business...
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Highest and Best-Use Analysis for a Conglomerate

Highest and Best-Use Analysis includes finding the reasonable, probable and legal use of a property or asset, which is physically possible, appropriately...
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multi-level car park development 

Proposed Multi-level Car Park Development

Multi-level Car Park Development is of key importance in Lagos. Lagos is experiencing increased levels of traffic and congestion due to wider...
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Poultry Farming 

Integrated Poultry Farming Project

Project Name: Poultry Farming – Tesco-Elpizo Limited Project Description: Tesco-Elpizo Limited is repositioning itself as an agriculture and agro-allied conglomerate focusing on...
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Residential real estate redevelopment 

Residential Re-development, Louis Solomon Close, Victoria Island, Lagos

Residential Real Estate Redevelopment means re-using and improving real estate by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Real Estate Redevelopment is...
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Gerald-Cameron Close Real Estate Development, Ikoyi

Real estate development could be termed lucrative, however, it is capital and management intensive. Brickstone Partners brings Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development...
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Warehouse Re-development 

Warehouse Re-development, Apapa, Lagos

Warehouse Re-development means re-using and improving the warehouse by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Warehouse Redevelopment is necessary when structures...
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