Development Co-ordination

multi-level car park development 

Proposed Multi-level Car Park Development

Multi-level Car Park Development is of key importance in Lagos. Lagos is experiencing increased levels of traffic and congestion due to wider...
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Agribusiness Farm 

Integrated Poultry Farming Project

Project Name: Poultry Farming – Tesco-Elpizo Limited Project Description: Tesco-Elpizo Limited repositions itself as agriculture and agro-allied conglomerate. Furthermore, they are focusing...
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Residential Estate DevelopmentResidential Estate Development 

Cottonwood Development Ajah, Lagos

Residential Estate Development: Project Description The estate concept is a gated Residential Estate Development Project within the Lekki area of Lagos. The...
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Hospital Development_Brickstone 

Mother & Child Hospital Development Lekki, Lagos

Mother & Child Hospital Development: Project Description Mother & Child is a multi specialty hospital especially for Gynecology ,Paediatrics and General Medicine. Mother...
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PPP Infrastructure project 

Abuja District PPP Infrastructure Financing Project

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged over the last two decades as one of the sustainable ways to grow development, fuelled by insufficient...
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