Proposed Hotel Apartment Development, CBD Abuja

hotel apartment development
Proposed Hotel Apartment Development, CBD Abuja B2MASTER 10:47 am

Project Info

Client NNDC
Skills Development Advisers | ONGOING

Project Description

Hotel Apartment Development Project Description

The iconic hotel apartment development will comprise of 40 units of serviced and luxury hotel apartments on ten floors, with each floor accommodating two units of one-bedroom apartment and two units of two-bedroom apartment.

The Project site is located in the heart of the Central Business District area of Abuja. The Central Business District (CBD) also called Central Area by Abuja residents is the major business area in Abuja. It is in the phase 1 development plan of the Federal Capital Territory.

Action Taken

Brickstone was contracted to:

  • Site inspection and neighbourhood analysis
  • Carry out a comprehensive Abuja commercial and mixed-use development market survey and analysis
  • Project mapping, planning and design
  • Project cost estimation and monitoring from predevelopment stage till decommissioning stage.
  • Recommend appropriate transaction modalities and structuring and executing fund raising for the project.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Financial Model to communicate the financial viability of the project to investors.
  • Develop an Information Memorandum that would communicate succinctly the value proposition of the project to investors.

Services includes the following

  • Location and Market Analysis
  • Project Design and Planning including Project Architectural Drawing.
  • Financial Modelling
  • Project Information Memorandum
  • Development Management