Business Case for Proposed Modular Refinery

Modular Refinery
Business Case for Proposed Modular Refinery B2MASTER 1:14 pm

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Client Private Energy Developer
Skills Comprehensive Business Plan | 2017
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Despite the generally poor returns from petroleum refinery investment, modular mini-refineries, from simple diesel production units to more sophisticated cracking refineries; are increasingly becoming a flexible and cost-effective supply option for crude producers in remote regions.

Additionally, modules from 4,000 bpd up to 30,000 bpd primary distillation capacity added together with debottlenecking to create a refinery of 100,000 bpd or more, should demand to dictate.

Business Case for A Modular Refinery: Project Description

The conditions required to make such an investment workable typically include. First, a location in close proximity and also with access to crude supply; near to sizable markets with logistic advantages; project finance on preferential terms from development credit agencies and almost certainly some government incentives to support regional development.

Our clients wanted a Business Case for the development of 25,000 bpd Modular Refinery in South West Region in Nigeria.


Our Services

Brickstone undertook a fact-based and results-driven analysis to validate the hypotheses and also quantify the upsides for the Commercial Viability; for such developments by developing a Business Case. At the end of this process, we presented our solution and an outline implementation financial plan for the Modular Refinery.

Our unparalleled experience within the markets we serve allows us to focus on opportunities where we can truly add value for our customers and investors.