Off-Grid PV Solar Power for Greenhouses

Pre-development Support Consultancy Service
Off-Grid PV Solar Power for Greenhouses B2MASTER 1:31 pm

Project Info

Client AgroInfraCO
Skills Pre-Feasibility Financial Advisers | 2017
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Project Description

Brickstone pre-development support consultancy service is the first step that a PV Solar developer should take in determining the feasibility of a potential project.

AgroInfraCO demonstration project is not only interesting for horticulture, but also for other cultivation concerns in West Africa. In most horticultural businesses in West Africa, installation can take place without large modifications. There are no signs that the electricity price in Nigeria will decrease over the next few years, on the contrary. The same applies to surrounding countries.

It is expected that with the solar installation, the farm will be largely self sufficient in respect of electricity and heating for the 4000 m2 for which the solar heat collectors are used. Only the artificial lighting system is now connected to the grid. This could also be powered by a generator. In the long run, the farm expects not to receive any electricity bills

Our Pre-Development Advisory Role

Here is an overview of the key steps within the feasibility phase:

  • Market review: Analysis, high-level business model development, strategy and planning
  • Site selection: Site identification and characterization of power generation and consumption
  • Site lease and permitting reviews
  • Grid connection: Initial DNO applications, including single line diagrams (SLDs). Initial assessment of grid connection options / offers and formalization of Grid Connection Contract Agreement variations
  • Commercial assessment: Review of applicable ESS services for the operators and suppliers of the electricity network with high level service modelling
  • Concept design: Project sizing and preliminary design and layout optimisation
  • Yield studies: Irradiation review and indicative yield modelling
  • Technology review & Introductions: Review of key technologies, reviews of and introductions to suppliers and contractors
  • Financial Model Development