Business Case

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The Outline Business Case is important because projects will only deliver their intended outputs and benefits if they are properly scoped, planned and cost-justified from the outset. Preparing a Project Business Case using the five case model provides decision-makers and stakeholders with a proven framework for structured ‘thinking’ and assurance that the project:

We help governments identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect the industry, leveraging an in-depth understanding of the benefits as well as unique insights into the threats that could arise. We help clients identify critical stakeholders, understand their overt and obscure agendas and priorities, and map out each group’s influence within the decision-making process.

An Outline Business Case (OBC) sets out preliminary thoughts regarding a proposed project. It should contain the information needed to help the institution make decisions regarding the adoption of the project. It should state envisaged outcomes, benefits and potential risks associated with the proposal. A well written OBC will help the decision-makers to make the right decisions regarding which projects to support or reject. Also, it can help to achieve value for money over the whole life of the project. The Financial dimension of the Whole Life Costing model you can calculate; the likely total cost of funding and generate outline cash flow statements covering the project’s life.

Initially, the OBC may be a fairly ‘conceptual’ document. However, as time passes and supports for the project increases; the OBC will be revised into a much more robust Business Case. This will eventually become the blueprint for the investment decision.

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