Contact and Cost Programming

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We provide Contract and Cost Programming during the pre-contract and post-contract commercial development stage. In addition, our experienced consultants will lead and/or manage all estimating, procurement, pre and post contract commercial management and contractual administration for a programme of works to ensure the successful delivery of construction projects.
Furthermore, this process involves monitoring, managing and controlling the actual costs against the estimate and understanding how and why actual costs occur. In addition, ensure that the necessary response is taken promptly to ensure actual costs meet or come under budget. Furthermore, we put our clients in full control of the cost and value-based decisions that impact the project. Additionally, we incorporate risk and value management as part of this process. Finally, we engage with all stakeholders to ensure innovation and lean based decisions are captured.

Moreover, as part of this cost management process to establish the total cost of ownership, we adopt a structured approach that addresses all the elements of cost used to produce a spend profile of the product or service over its anticipated life-span.

Out Contract and cost programming services include:

  • Advice on alternative construction methods and materials
  • Tender documents preparation – pricing document or bill of quantities, schedule of rates
  • Contractor selection and tender analysis
  • Negotiations with Contractor
  • Contract Documentation
  • Cost monitoring and control
  • Report on project costs – monthly cost reports
  • Dealing with contractors claims for loss and expense and disputes
  • Assessment & agreement of contractors interim payment applications
  • Dealing with interim and final payments
  • Valuing and agreeing to variations ie. changes to the project
  • Advising on the cost implications of variations
  • Agreement of project final cost with the contractor
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