Asset Management

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Brickstone Asset Management Services

As Asset Managers, we take responsibility as the owner’s representative in order to maximize the Asset’s financial performance. Typically, Asset managers focus on the longer-term, strategic big vision of maximizing the value of the assets and also realizing the highest return on investment (ROI) for the owner/investors. The scope of work as Asset Managers would include the following services:

We provide the following asset management services:

  • Periodic Asset operations & Income Statement analysis
  • Provide weekly and monthly analysis and reporting
  • Extensive site visits and key recommendations
  • Reviewing all vendor contracts and also determining if they need to be renegotiated
  • Monitor Asset to determine rental/lease rates, concessions, occupancy, renovation upgrades and marketing strategies
  • Track new development pipeline to determine threat of new supply and impact on rental rates and occupancy
  • Review insurance policies and coverage, and recommend solutions to preserve protection
  • Function as the owner’s representative in dealing with designers, contractors, including review of renovation activities in the field
  • Use local market knowledge and broker network to determine value and possible exit strategies
  • Obtain financing quotes from Banks and lenders to determine potential recapitalization structures
  • Property tax appeals, Contract review and Assessment
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