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As a Fee Developer, Brickstone can take on and manage all, or limited, aspects of the development process on behalf of a property owner. Upon reaching a detailed agreement with an owner or an owner’s representative regarding a development scope of duties and what authorities are to be turned over, Brickstone is capable of carrying out work ranging from team assembly and management, to project design guidance and oversight, to construction management, leasing and divestment.

When working on behalf of a project owner, Brickstone treats the project and the investment as its own. This includes the selection of the architect, contractor, engineers, and other necessary professional services; garnering entitlements and the necessary marketing support for a project; attracting interest in the project from prospective tenants and/or buyers.

Other elements of the fee developer process may include:

1. Development Planning
Advancing a concept design to a preliminary design incorporating the detailed ingredients for commercial success, detailed cost planning and revenue forecasting, anticipating and incorporating reasonable and local authority, state government and market requirements.

2. Development Appraisal
Development Appraisal and Construction programming meshed with cost and revenue forecasts, identification of risks and risk management strategies

3. Consultants Engagement & Design Co-ordination
Engagement of Architects, Engineers, Town Planners and other Specialists to address key issues, develop solutions, prepare reports to facilitate approvals and prepare designs ready for detailed documentation and construction.

4. Cost Estimation & Control
Development of Initial Costs and Management of Budget.

5. Legal Management
Preparation of forms of Agreement, Contract, Lease, and Sale that follow the main development transactions and are consistent with them and delivery strategies.

6. Approvals Management
Coordination of Statutory Application preparation consistent with the solutions and strategies developed, management of time frames, and negotiation of development conditions.

7. Finance and Funding
Reports, Cash flow forecasts, procure offers and terms sheets, applications, equity mezzanine or joint venture partners.

8. Sales and Leasing Management
Marketing, Sales and Leasing arrangements, opportunity management, motivation and targeting. Handover and Tenancy occupation processes.

9. Forecasting and Reporting
Cost and revenue, profitability movements, opportunities and risks on the proposed project

10. Project Management
Detailed design coordination and documentation, construction tendering and contract creation, procurement, construction, risk and liability management, claims management and negotiation, detailed programming, construction monitoring and reporting, contract super-intendance administration and management.

Brickstone’s Fee Developer services are provided on a percentage fee basis. The fee is based on both total project cost and/or total sales. Brickstone’s percentage fee is on a sliding scale, reducing as the size of the project increases.
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