Business Plan for New Consumer Lending Company

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Business Plan for New Consumer Lending Company Brickstone Blogger 3:31 am

Project Info

Client Crevance Limited
Skills Business Plan and Financial Model Services | 2017

Project Description

We provided the best Business Plan for New Consumer Lending Company resulting in a finished project that was completed both on time and within budget and which exceeded the client’s requirements.

Business Plan for New Consumer Lending Company: Project Description

The client wanted to set up a top-notch consumer lending institution that will be committed to driving credit penetration and financial inclusion by offering easy, simple and fast loans to make individuals and small businesses succeed. The client intended to service its customers across Nigeria through leveraging its innovative IT driven platform, incentive based structure to motivate employees and rigorous risk management system believing funding shouldn’t be a barrier to live successfully! Their products are targeted at providing theircustomer’s cash as well as other essentials like Life & Health Insurance, Vehicles and other home products. Their product strategy is based on creating a “Network Effect” between customers and providers of the essentials.

Actions Taken
Brickstone was contracted to:
• Develop a Comprehensive Financial Model to communicate the financial viability of the project to investors.
• Develop a Strategic Business Plan that would communicate succinctly the value proposition of the project to investors.

• The Company was able to raise the required funds using the Strategic Business Plan and is currently in operation.