Asset Optimization Programme for a Real Estate Firm

NetConstruct Nigeria Limited
Asset Optimization Programme for a Real Estate Firm Brickstone Blogger 3:32 am

Project Info

Client NetConstruct Nigeria Limited
Skills Asset Optimization Programme | 2017

Project Description

Asset Optimization is an Approach to using the Asset potential for revenue growth. It recognizes that assets – buildings, land , real estate assets etc- have an impact on both the balance sheet and income statement and that timing can play an important factor in getting the best ROA.

Project Description

Netconstruct Limited is an indigenous, privately owned real estate developer that has been in operation for over 14 years and has a track record of successfully delivering over 2,000 homes and all attendant support services. Netconstruct looked to develop a comprehensive asset management strategy that is focused on examining all of its existing assets.

Actions Taken
Brickstone was contracted to:
• Act as a Consultant that would aid the company in the provision of a Corporate Finance Outsourcing Services to mainly aid in the Financial Analysis and Monthly Reporting for The Firm.
• Carry out an Asset Optimization Programme which entails reviewing market studies for the site and community input, inspecting the subject site and surrounding areas and evaluating physically possible development on the property, based on conceptual plans prepared the client.

• With the result from the Asset Optimization Programme, Netconstruct did an asset restructuring to optimize all available assets, dispose underutilized assets and acquire import assets.