Financial Modelling for Mortgage Fintech Company

Financial Modelling for Mortgage Fintech Company
Financial Modelling for Mortgage Fintech Company Brickstone Blogger 3:28 am

Project Info

Client Vizar Homes
Skills Financial Modelling | 2017
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Project Description

Financial Modelling for Mortgage Fintech Company entailed building financial models to help support business decisions. Good financial models provide insightful information, allowing the company to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support your business plan or investment decision.

Project Description

Vizar Homes Limited is a financial technology-based mortgage company focused on the development of creative structures to enhance first home ownership opportunities for eligible Africans by facilitating improved access to mortgage credit using technology. They were in pursuit of a growth strategy and was looking to optimize long-term shareholder value and position for an exponential organic growth in the next 5 years as a strong indigenous player in the Mortgage Origination, Lending and Administration Industry.

Actions Taken

Brickstone was contracted to act as a Competent Consultant to assist the company with:

  • A clear articulation of the Client’s growth strategy including a thorough market competitive analysis within the Mortgage Lending Sector
  • Developing a Financial Plan which communicates the inherent value of the client’s business
  • Developing a robust Financial Model of the Company’s future earnings and cash flows, incorporating key assumptions of its future growth strategy
  • Perform rigorous sensitivity tests carried out to examine key assumptions, forecasted industry information as well as key performance ratios