Transport Infrastructure

Our Transport Infrastructure professionals have extensive experience in assisting sponsors and lenders — from small to large multinational organizations — to address feasibility and bankability issues as well as providing objective, and timely support for investment, financing, and chartering decisions..

We understand the drivers that impact the industry in Road, Highway, Rail , Airport, Offshore Shipping and Marine Transport Infrastructure
Roads, Highway and Land Logistics

We help sponsors and governments in delivering major infrastructure projects in the transportation such as Railways, Roads and Highways as well as Land Logistics

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Shipping, Offshore & Marine Logistics

Our expert team provides objective, and timely support for investment, financing, and chartering decisions in the Port and Inland transportation such as Sea Ports, Ships, Vessels and Ferries.

Transportation Infrastructure Advisory
Air Transportation

We help sponsors and governments in delivering major infrastructure projects in the Air transportation sector such as Airports and Airline market entry strategy development

What we call “Transportation Infrastructure”

Our Transportation Infrastructure Advisory services include the Air, Sea and Land Transportation which we also provide development and asset management.

Our Transport Infrastructure practice includes all means of movement through Roads, Highway, Rail , Airport, Shipping, Offshore & Marine Logistics.
Typical Transportation Infrastructure Project Characteristics 
The following are the types of  Transportation Infrastructure Projects we advise or help to accelerate:
Projects that are characterized by a high degree of revenues predictability. In addition, under a (partial or full) Contracted Revenue Arrangement with a creditworthy counterparty 
Projects which delivers under a fixed construction price and schedule but with a Building (or EPC) Contractor with appropriate penalties in the form of liquidated damages (LDs) for its failure to perform
Projects that intend to independently operate and also have maintenance in an environmentally sustainable manner during the post-construction phase 

Brickstone’s interest lies in projects that meet at least No1 and either No 2 and/or No 3

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Bespoke Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure

Brickstone organizes Dealcamp Courses useful for Project Owners/Sponsors in Transportation & Logistics

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