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Client Daddo Gas Limited
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Project Description

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used as fuel for cooking and heating in the manufacturing Industry. It is also used for power generation.

LPG is a derivative of two large energy industries: natural gas processing and crude oil refining. When natural gas is extracted from the earth, it is a mixture of several gases and liquids. Methane, which is sold by gas utilities as “natural gas” constitutes about 90 percent of this mixture. Of the remaining 10 percent, 5 percent is propane and 5 percent is other gases such as butane and ethane.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas: Project Description

To take advantage of emerging opportunities in the gas sub-sector of the Nigerian oil & gas industry, Daddo-Gas Limited, an investment holding company based in Lagos intends to establish LP Gas business covering all or selected segments in the value delivery chain and requires fund raising documentation to make this a reality (these includes Information Memorandum, Financial Model and Term Sheets)’.

Prepare outline estimates • Feasibility Studies • Detailed Financial Model • Tendering and Sensitivity Analysis