Flare Gas Commercialization Projects

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Project Finance in Accelerating Flare Gas Commercialization Projects

Gas Commercialization Programmes are established to form a bankable and commercial framework for the monetization of flare gas, by providing flare gas buyers with access and title to flare gas for fuel and/or feedstock for gas utilization projects.

Global natural gas demand is on the increase. Natural gas, which was once an embarrassing and unwanted by-product or more correctly a co-product of crude oil production, now provides about one-fifth of all the world’s primary energy requirements.
This remarkable development has taken place in only a few years with an increased availability of the gas resources of the countries and the construction of long-distance, large-diameter steel pipelines which have brought these ample supplies of gaseous fuel to domestic, commercial, and industrial users many miles away from themselves

Balancing economic development with environmental sustainability remains a key challenge. It is imperative for the sector to leverage adapting to change, adopting innovative approaches and fostering sustainability for resilient growth in the industry.  

In addition to the above, this White Paper prepared by the Brickstone Africa Team, in much more detail explains the Key issues for consideration by developers in Accelerating Flare Gas Commercialization Projects.

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