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Project Finance in Accelerating Railway Infrastructure Projects

Railway project finance is relatively new since most rail systems have been in the hands of government. Leasing transactions for new rolling stock and locomotives have been common in recent years and privatizations are generating project finance opportunities.

Competition from trucks and even air transportation has seriously eroded railway cashflows over the past decades, not just for freight but for passengers, who find transportation by car convenient for trips up to two to three hours.

Many railways are grossly overstaffed, therefore cost and management components (operating risks) are important to gauge. The skill of the sponsor is key to maintaining cost competitiveness. Some new rail projects entail technology advances such as extremely fast trains. These require support from the technology provider in project financing (technology risk).

Balancing economic development with environmental sustainability remains a key challenge. It is imperative for the sector to leverage adapting to change, adopting innovative approaches and fostering sustainability for resilient growth in the industry.  

In addition to the above, this White Paper prepared by the Brickstone Africa Team, in much more detail explains on the Key issues for consideration by developers in Accelerating Railway Infrastructure Projects.

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