Information Technology Park, Sagamu-Lagos Expressway

Information technology park
Information Technology Park, Sagamu-Lagos Expressway Brickstone Blogger 1:41 pm

Project Info

Client Never Ending Technology Park Limited
Skills Financial Advisers | 2011

Project Description

The Information Technology Park would focus on creating a R & D(Research and Development) park for governments and corporate firms. The project involves a mixed use facility center to provide residential, commercial, and infrastructure solutions. The development is conceived to be a center for the development of software and hardware solutions that are needed by Nigerian government and firms.

Our Value Add

Review of the concept master plan, preparation of a detailed master plan, and detailed design/contract documents for Phase 1 for the creation of a modern mixed-use, large-scale development on a total site area of 50 Ha

Key deliverables includes a detailed land-use budget, phasing programme, development regulations and indicative costs. The Master Plan will be used as a framework for modernizing the Technology Park  while ensuring the preservation of important natural environment systems and other significant features in the site