Asset Restructuring & Optimization

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Asset Restructuring & Optimization is based on creating an Asset Business Plan which serves as a valuable roadmap guiding clients to make the best decisions leading up to a disposition. The Asset Business Plan as a comprehensive tool to be used for comparing multiple strategies to recover value, it is supported by discount cash flow analysis, econometric forecasting, risk/rationales assessment, asset profiles and market sale/lease comparable.
Assisting clients in thinking strategically about their under-performing assets, this plan allows them to choose the specific strategy that maximizes recovery while minimizing risk exposure for complex assets requiring more than a standard Broker Opinion of Value (BOV).

We are focussed on Asset Restructuring and Optimization by creating transaction structures and a disciplined approach to driving performance:

  • Defining the highest and best use of the Asset
  • Development and constantly updating of optimization strategy of the Asset
  • Extensive deal network and reputation for quick exit execution
  • Asset Restructuring  through a structured approach to driving performance
  • Asset-based Loan restructuring advice and solutions
  • Structured finance, straightforward or innovative solutions
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and forecasting packages
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