Proposed Strip Retail Mall Development

Strip mall development
Proposed Strip Retail Mall Development B2MASTER 10:28 am

Project Info

Client AG Leventis Plc
Skills Development Advisers | 2015

Project Description

Retail Strip Mall Development: Project Description

The objective of the brief was to determine the highest and best use analysis for the development warehouses to determine their viability and optimal use after the re-development or refurbishment. AG Leventis Nigeria Plc desired that  their land at Marina be analyzed  for optimal returns.

Total redevelopment of the property would make way for the highest and best use of the site into a Retail Strip Mall Development.

Retail Strip Mall Development: Action Taken

Brickstone was contracted to:

  • Inspect and evaluate the physical, economic and legal condition of the property
  • Project the cost estimates for redevelopment or refurbishment of the property and the expected revenue for the respective options.
  • Analyse the neighbourhood market to establish the Highest and Best use of the property
  • Recommend appropriate transaction modalities and structuring and executing fund raising for the project.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Financial Model to communicate the financial viability of the project to investors.
  • Develop an Information Memorandum that would communicate succinctly the value proposition of the project to investors.

Services includes the following:

  • Property, Location and Market Analysis
  • Analysis to determine the Total Leasable Space in all the properties visited.
  • Determine the Level Of Occupancy and the total cash inflow from the tenancy of the identified properties
  • Get information on the level of Improvement Budgeted for the Properties
  • Determine Future Cashflow of the Property, assuming the improvements are made or not
  • Financial Modelling