Equator Principles & ESG Advisory

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ESG criteria, regulation and investing across all Infrastructure Projects are evolving rapidly to underscore a more sustainable and equitable future for Africa As part of this, Infrastructure Project Sponsors are actively aligning their purpose, strategies and practices to improve the environment, promote social good and create long-term value.
Stakeholders including Project Company, Lenders, Investors, EPC Contractors, Project Company and their stakeholders (Employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, financial advisors and legal professionals) are taking greater interest in companies’ ESG approach, track record and credentials to inform their engagement decisions.
Our Environmental, Social and Climate  services is centered around assisting Project Sponsors to be compliant with 1) Equator Principles  and  2) ESG Advisory Services.


Equator Principles Advisory

Equator Principles Advisory Services”]

The Equator Principles are based on the environmental and social policies and guidelines of International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private sector arm of the World Bank. These policies and guidelines cover a variety of issues such as the environmental and social impact assessment process, pollution prevention, consideration of local communities and natural resources.

The strong foundation laid by Equator Principles helps client’s efforts to achieve their own goals in alignment with the UN SDGs

Our goal is to deliver actionable solutions so that Infrastructure Project Sponsors may develop pragmatic, quantifiable, science-based compliance services to support an Equator Principles Financial Institutions’, or EPFI. We believe this is a key competitive advantage in the marketplace for project sponsors.

Our services are mainly to Prepare the Project Sponsors/Developers for Environmental and Social (ES) Due – Diligence within the scope of the Equator Principles.

  • Principle 1: Review and Categorization
  • Principle 2: Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Principle 3: Applicable Environmental and Social Standards
  • Principle 4: Environmental and Social Management System and Equator Principles Action Plan
  • Principle 5: Stakeholder Engagement
  • Principle 6: Grievance Mechanism
  • Principle 7: Independent Review
  • Principle 8: Covenants
  • Principle 9: Independent Monitoring and Reporting
  • Principle 10: Reporting and Transparency

ESG Advisory

Our approach to ESG Advisory is to provide Pre-Due Diligence ESG advisory services to Infrastructure Project Companies seeking to develop Large Scale Infrastructure Projects. We support Project Companies throughout various stages of their project development  lifecycle and ESG journey

The Core Areas we focus upon includes the following

Policies and Procedures

  • Translating purpose, criteria and the Project Development strategy into policies and procedures
  • Design of policies and procedures that align to the ESG strategy of the Project Company, comply with ESG regulations and adhere to ESG frameworks
  • Develop ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Project Company

Screening and High-Level Due Diligence

  • Cost-effective screening procedures (negative, positive, and thematic) to highlight red flags with prospective counter parties of the Project Company in an Infrastructure Project
  • Collating basic ESG-related data on Project Company in an Infrastructure Project

In-Depth Due Diligence

  • In-depth ESG due diligence in accordance with the major ESG frameworks – we utilize the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholders Capitalism metrics, industry-specific tailoring utilizing Sustainability Accounting Standards Board standards and measurement principles from the Value Balancing Alliance
  • ESG-related due diligence reviews of potential Project Company’s on behalf of Lenders and Equity investment companies

On-Going Monitoring and Reporting

  • Proactive and use of automated monitoring of Project Company ESG needs and utilizing cloud-based technology for easy access and digestion of key ESG metrics
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