Brickstone Corporate Debt Restructuring Programme

Brickstone Debt Restructuring Programme (“Brickstone DebtLAB”) is a timely intervention for African Corporates as COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty on a global scale across all businesses. 

Brickstone Africa has set up a  100 day programme (“Brickstone DebtLAB Programme” where we provide Capacity Building and Action-Oriented Advisory Service from preliminary discussions through the negotiation and preparation of loan work programmes over a 100 day period . 

In executing Brickstone DebtLAB programme, we combine our action lead acceleration, capacity building  and hands-on advisory skills to navigate the complex structures which characterize today’s the complex debt situations and an unsurpassed creative approach that differs from the traditional consulting firm. The process is low cost and requires active participation of borrower organization

Below is the general framework in such situations

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The Brickstone DebtLAB programme is mainly involved in the following areas with the following deliverable

1.Enterprise Level Viability Assessment 2.Initiate Stabilization Activities
  • Cashflow Forecasting to confirm the sustainable debt capacity levels of the business;
  • Possibility of fund generation through either sale of existing non-core assets or divestment of unprofitable segments of the business;
3.Strategic Growth Action Plan
  • Action plans to ensure that issues & challenges being faced by the business are being addressed. High Level Issues in operational restructuring must be documented
1.Develop Workable Business Plan
  • Credible plans with clear action items
  • Obtain Stakeholder Buy-in
2.Restore Credibility
  • Straight forward plan with achievable goals
  • Prepare Communication Strategy
3.Build Consensus
  • Straight forward plan with achievable goals
  • Ensure re-negotiations with other significant creditors to the business;
1.Negotiation & Debt Restructuring
  • Lenders Review and Discuss on the restructuring package for the borrower
  • Banks Decide sustainable terms of the restructured facility and identify relevant monitoring safeguards to prevent any potential future default by the Borrower.
  • If acceptable there would be new agreements signed with Lender
2. Continued Communication with Lender
  • Borrower continues communication with Lender and always seeks to Identify solutions that maximize enterprise value and minimize risk

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