Bespoke Solutions

Brickstone Solutions are focused incubation and acceleration programmes aimed at the providing Appraisal , Advisory and Project Development for large scale industrial and infrastructure projects in Africa. We look for the most promising middle market infra or industrial companies (“with traction”) and then put them through our 100 day programmes.
These 100 day programmes are developed based on Brickstone’s transaction advisory and project development competences with the objective of ensuring the bank-ability, corporate restructuring and to protect the long-term asset value for sponsors.  Our proactive and hands on approach  has made us develop these specific programmes to address certain needs of our clients (” African Entrepreneurs”) involved with Greenfield Infrastructure Project, Growth Companies needing Capitalization or Large Scale Companies with Debt that needs to be restructured 

Brickstone Solution programmes are intensive business development program which supports a small team of founders, usually with a large scale business idea of their own. The support comes in a form of mentorship, affordable transaction support, and some starting capital.

In a nutshell, these Brickstone Solution programme consists of the following core elements:

  • An application process that is open to all, yet highly competitive. Open on a rolling basis
  • These programmes are self-paid for by the Application or sponsored by Corporate or DFIs
  • Entry to one or more Dealcamp Trainings/events based on the needs of the company
  • A provision of pre-seed investment option to invest in the business
  • A focus on small developer teams, not individual founders.
  • Time-limited Transaction Support Services up to 6 months – 18 months comprising ( Procurement Management, Financial Model Auditing, Interim Management and Compliance Services) and intensive mentoring of the opportunity

At the same time, it is important to note that Brickstone Bespoke Solution are ultimately investment focused. The newly established companies “graduate” at the end of the program would have better ability to “own” their infra-pitch decks and financial models with much better knowledge of their deal structure as well as the ability to receive their first serious investment from investors.