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Our Trade and Export Credit Advisory offers expert advice to mitigate risk and enhance revenue opportunities when conducting international trade. We understand credit and payment risks and can help formulate a tailored trade solution to improve your competitiveness in the global markets.
Export credit agencies (“ECAs”), have long offered a mix of export support services and products, including buyer and supplier export credits and short to medium-term commercial and political export credit insurance.

Over time, ECAs have developed a broader array of services as they strive to better complement the services and products of the private sector and as they compete against each other. In recent years, ECAs have begun to offer long-term commercial risk insurance coverage in project finance transactions.

Brickstone have established excellent work relationships with ECAs and fully understand their processes and requirements. Our approach seeks to serve our clients’ needs in the most efficient manner by focusing on the ECAs’ individual requirements.

In our capacity as advisor, we work with the borrowers and the exporters to:

1.Prepare financing timelines and action plans
2. Develop and refine financial models for
3. Write information memoranda
4. Prepare presentations for lenders
5. Calculate and maximize the size of the loan facilities
6. Liaise with ECA and other project participants to ensure drawdown
7. Prepare financing applications

Other Core Project Development Services; provided by Brickstone; Includes the following:

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