Alternative Asset Manager

Our Approach is through our Acceleration Programme 

We see the need for an Accelerator Programme to fill the gap in the mid-infrastructure space by helping sponsors to accelerate the projects to a bankable state where investments can be sourced adequately. Our strategy is to source mid-market opportunities, develop the building blocks of project finance by applying private equity discipline to maximise value and drive returns in mid-market infrastructure assets

We have identified sectors of the mid-market infrastructure economy that  are considered as having important socio-economic benefits to the masses and the economy in general. These sectors include Flare Gas Commercialization, Mining Value Add, Industrial Agriculture, Inland & Coastal Marine Logistics and Off-Grid Captive Power
Our Accelerator Model is about three things: maximising value, reducing costs and de-risking the project. This philosophy is at the heart of our approach to every portfolio under our management.

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Brickstone InfraLAB Acceleration Programme
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