Technology Infrastructure

We have team of technology engineers and project specialists that have the range of skills procurement, financing and leasing. We provide the best insight and recommendations throughout the process.

We advise along the following core areas.
Data Centers
Data Centers

Theses are Managed Service Providers – Provision of space, power, security & IT systems,
multiple tenants, with contracts terms (3-5 years), shared facility or Co-location Providers – with longer contracts (5-10 years), typically investment grade /corporate customers, known revenues & costs.

Media & Broadcast Centres

Key participants include local independent film makers, production studios looking for Managed Service Providers – Provision of space, power, security & Filming systems under a revenue contracts terms for the shared Broadcast Facility

Healthcare Infrastructure

These include Managed Healthcare Infrastructure Service Providers – Provision of space, power, security, medical scanning systems with contracted revenue for terms (3-5 years), shared facility for HMOs or Hospitals

How we add Value in “Technology Infrastructure”
They are very capital-intensive IT hardware assets that can be shared amongst multiple users such as Fintech, Banks, Media and Broadcast as well as Healthcare. Their bankability are typically driven by Contracted Revenues with Credit worthy third parties.
Our Typical Technology Infrastructure Project Characteristics 
The type of Technology Infrastructure Projects we advise or help accelerate must typically meet the following objectives
Projects that are characterized by a high degree of revenues predictability under a (partial or full) Contracted Revenue Arrangement with a creditworthy counter party 
Projects which are to be delivered under a fixed construction price and schedule with a Building (or EPC) Contractor with appropriate penalties in the form of liquidated damages (LDs) for its failure to perform
Projects which are to be independently operated and maintained in an environmentally sustainable manner during post-construction phase 

Brickstone would ONLY be interested in projects that meet at least No1 and either No 2 and/or No 3

Capability Statement for Technology Infrastructure

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