Industrial based Agriculture

Our professionals have extensive experience in assisting participants — from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations — to address financing needs for inputs, processing and infrastructure

We understand the drivers that impact the industry from the farm gate, along the supply chain, to the end processors
Industrial based Agriculture
Agriculture Inputs

Agricultural inputs are defined as products permitted for use in organic farming. These include feedstuffs, fertilizers and permitted plant protection products . Our Agriculture Inputs Financing programs focuses on farms above 100 Ha.

Agriculture Processing

Processing of outputs adds value to agriculture and animal products by packing and preserving of farm produce so that products could be exported. These include Oil Palm Processing, Milling Plants and Agro-Processing

Agriculture Infrastructure

Our Agricultural Infrastructure objective is to provide resources for increasing farmers’ incomes using farm enabling infrastructure such as storage, processing, irrigation and power

What we call “Industrial based Agriculture”
Our Industrial based Agriculture Practice includes the infrastructure and machinery required for agri-value chains from the farm gate, along the agribusiness supply chain, to the end processors. 
Typical Industrial based Agriculture Project Characteristics 
The type of  Industrial based Agriculture Projects we advise or help accelerate should typically meet the following objectives
Projects that are characterized by a high degree of revenues predictability under a (partial or full) Contracted Revenue Arrangement with a creditworthy counter party 
Projects which are to be delivered under a fixed construction price and schedule with a Building (or EPC) Contractor with appropriate penalties in the form of liquidated damages (LDs) for its failure to perform
Projects which intend to independentloperate and be maintained in an environmentally sustainable manner during post-construction phase 

Brickstone would ONLY be interested in projects that meet at least No1 and either No 2 and/or No 3

Capability Statement for Industrial based Agriculture

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