Heavy Manufacturing Industries

What we call “Heavy Manufacturing Industries”

They are very capital-intensive manufacturing projects, meaning that they require a lot of machinery and equipment to produce. They include machine tool industry, heavy electrical industry, industrial machinery and auto-industry.
Heavy manufacturing industry in Africa
Heavy manufacturing industry in Africa is one of the most important sectors in terms of value added, exports and employment. It is also one of the few areas where there are large companies with immediate opportunity for dramatic expansion. Growth in this sector, therefore, offers huge potential for providing broad economic growth, reducing unemployment, increasing tax receipts and improving any countries balance of payments situation.
Heavy industries often sell their products to other industries rather than to end users and consumers. In other words, they usually make products that are used to make other products. Accordingly, when a down economy begins to recover, heavy industry is often first to show signs of improvement. This makes the sector a leading economic indicator.
We have team of owner engineers and project financing specialists that have the range of skills necessary to undertake the complete range of engineering studies for heavy industries. We provide the most efficient feedback, insight and recommendations throughout the process.

We advise along the following core areas.
Steel Industries in Africa
Resource Based

These area of Heavy Manufacturing are those that require resource based materials to produce. They include Metal and metal products such as Ferroalloy manganese (an alloy of manganese and iron). It also includes non-metal construction materials such as Beneficiation of Limestone (Cement), Iron-Oore (Steel), Bauxite (Aluminum) etc

Fertilizer Production
Energy Based

The energy based heavy manufacturing sector are mainly the use of hydrocarbon as input in such production. These include Fertilizer Plants, Gas Commercialization, Modular Refineries to be refined into useful products, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), heating oils, and feedstock for the chemical industry.

Machine Building Industries
Downstream Machine-building

These include machine tool industry, heavy electrical industry, shipbuilding, industrial machinery and auto-industry. This also includes the production of a number of other steel and industrial products, particularly train parts, steel wire and airplane parts.