Asset Restructuring & Optimization

NetConstruct Nigeria Limited 

Asset Optimization Programme for a Real Estate Firm

Asset Optimization is an Approach to using the Asset potential for revenue growth. It recognizes that assets – buildings, land , real...
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Highest and Best-Use Analysis for a Conglomerate

Highest and Best-Use Analysis includes finding the reasonable, probable and legal use of a property or asset, which is physically possible, appropriately...
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Residential real estate redevelopment 

Residential Re-development, Louis Solomon Close, Victoria Island, Lagos

Residential Real Estate Redevelopment means re-using and improving real estate by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Real Estate Redevelopment is...
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Gerald-Cameron Close Real Estate Development, Ikoyi

Real estate development could be termed lucrative, however, it is capital and management intensive. Brickstone Partners brings Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development...
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Warehouse Re-development 

Warehouse Re-development, Apapa, Lagos

Warehouse Re-development means re-using and improving the warehouse by adding or rehabilitating buildings, making properties more marketable. Warehouse Redevelopment is necessary when structures...
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Beach Hotel 

Beach Hotel Developments, Alpha Beach, Lagos

Project Description: Beach Hotel Development  The objective of this study was to prepare the highest and best use analysis for the identified...
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Abuja Infrastructure_Brickstone 

Abuja District PPP Infrastructure Financing Project

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) have emerged over the last two decades as one of the sustainable ways to grow development, fuelled by insufficient...
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