Proposed 10MW Solar PV Power Plant

Proposed 10MW Solar PV Power Plant B2MASTER 11:50 pm

Project Info

Client Off Grid Solar Developer
Skills Transaction Advisory | 2019

Project Description

Solar Power Plant: Project Description

Project entails the production installation and successful operation of 10 MW photovoltaic (PV) power plants will deliver electricity for consumption to individual subscribers.

The project would at least require approximately 150 acres.

Solar Power Plant: Action Taken

Brickstone was contracted to:

  • Collection and desktop analysis of data related to Nigeria’s Power and Energy Industry.
  • Detailed market survey of solar energy providers and their adopted operating and business model
  • Solar PV cost analysis to establish project cost.
  • Recommend appropriate transaction modalities and structuring and executing fund raising for the project.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Financial Model to communicate the financial viability of the project to investors.
  • Develop an Information Memorandum and Plan that would communicate succinctly the value proposition of the project to bond investors.
  • Development of a suitable operating and maintenance model for the Solar PV plant.

Services includes the following: