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Concecci Infrastructure is focused on PPP related concession contract developments in the Transport Infrastructure as well as Social Infrastructure. Concecci’s mission is to facilitate wealth creation and entrepreneurship amongst the people of Africa by promoting direct investment, through identifying and creating new investment opportunities, thus creating employment and higher standards of living. The continent of Africa has the opportunity to develop at a very fast pace. With increasing global liberalisation-oriented policies, privatization and foreign investment have become buzzwords all around the continent.

  • The explosive rates of growth have not only progressively complicated and exacerbated inter-related problems of human settlements and the environment, but have also greatly accelerated poverty.
  • Moreover, there have been strong initiatives in the development of urbanization programmes by the Federal Government but have however been supported with little or no coordinated efforts in implementation, which in turn is reflected in inadequate access to market for goods and services, and deplorable condition of the education, health, transportation, water and sanitation sectors. Most fundamental is the lack of resources and technical capability to manage the urban crises by the government.
  • Infrastructural development is especially concerned with growth. This is such that a perfect and stable economy which offers no growth offers little prospects for infrastructure investment returns. As a result, the promise of sufficiently higher returns in an emerging market such as Nigeria- because of its growth potentials- may be seen to balance out the risks inherent as it continues to emerge.