Mining Value Add Processing

Brickstone InfraLAB Acceleration Programme

Mining Value Add Processing 

African government can potentially achieve increased economic benefits through Mining Value Add using beneficiation. Smelting and refining facilities would provide some employment opportunities, and there could be spillover benefits for related industries through knowledge and technological transfer. In-country processing could also generate additional government revenue in the long term via the sale of a higher-value product and lower transport costs. There is a clear need for increased the need for training in technical and financial appraisal of mining projects in  Africa to help identify risk and opportunities hence the Mining Value Add Projects
Masterclass Objectives

The Mining Value Add programme would provide the basic principles of apprising the life cycle of a variety of mining value add projects. This programme is designed to impart good economic and commercial appraisal techniques and practices for new entrants to the Mining Value Add Industry and to refresh and update skills for existing Mining Operators

Introduction to Mining

These include discussions around mine life stages, exploration, mining studies, the mining process, design and planning, quantification and interpretation, extraction and processing, rehabilitation

The Economics of Mining Value Add Projects

Participants would be exposed into highlights operations into beneficiation, determining capital requirements, mining equipment options, economic evaluation

Financing and Deal-making

This provides an overview of the financial life cycle of beneficiation, plants raising funds and financial instruments, equity investments, debt and project finance, joint ventures, marketing and off-take agreements, technical reporting.

Workshops on Risk Assessment & Strategy.

Discussion Panel on discussion of Mining Value Add Projects risks how to deal with them. Key risks include credit, market, interest, infrastructure, engineering, liquidity, supply, currency, political and environmental. Guest Speakers to be invited to share their knowledge and there would also be Q&A session.

Programme Locations, 2019–2020


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