Flare Gas Commercialization

Brickstone InfraLAB Acceleration Programme

Flare Gas Commercialization

Gas Commercialization Programmes are established to form a bankable and commercial framework for the monetization of flare gas, by providing flare gas buyers with access and title to flare gas for fuel and/or feedstock for gas utilization projects. This acceleration programme is developed to equip entrepreneurs would sees this as an opportunity to develop gas projects for the domestic market and export markets.

Acceleration Programme Objectives

The Flare Gas Project Development & Financing course would provide the basic principles of apprising the life cycle of a variety of Flare Gas commercialization projects. This focused course is designed to impart good economic and commercial appraisal techniques and practices for new entrants to the Gas Commercialization Industry, and to refresh and update skills for existing Independent Gas Operators

Programme Overview

Introduction to Flare Gas Development

These include discussions around exploration and processing of Associated Gas Fields

The Economics of Associated Gas Development

Participants would be exposed into highlights operations into economics and  equipment options. The areas of focus would include:

1. LPG Production: Provide new sources of LPG (which may substitute imported LPG or add to the current supply) for household use in Nigeria

2. CNG/LNG Production: Provide natural gas to new businesses, especially in areas currently without access to gas pipelines. The gas could be in the form of CNG or LNG depending on the relative prices of liquefaction and could be transported through virtual pipelines.

3. Gas to Liquids: Convert captured gas into longer-chain hydrocarbons, such as gasoline or diesel fuel or Petrochemicals or Fertilizers

4. Gas Scrubbing: Purify the captured gas for sale to third parties to Substitute higher-cost fuels, such as gasoline and diesel currently being used in captive power generation.

Financing and Deal-making in Gas Commercialization

This provides an overview of the financial life cycle of jGas Commercialization companies raising funds and financial instruments, equity investments, debt and project finance, joint ventures, marketing and off-take agreements, technical reporting.

Workshop on Risk Assessment & Strategy.

Discussion Panel on discussion of Gas Commercialization Projects risks how to deal with them. Key risks include credit, market, interest, infrastructure, engineering, liquidity, supply, currency, political and environmental. Guest Speakers to be invited to share their knowledge and there would also be Q&A session.


The Facilitators are leading specialist in Gas  Economic and Financial Consultants, with vast commercial and financial advisory experience range from negotiations to sourcing, developing, closing gas development deals.

Programme Locations, 2019–2020


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